Login and Password
  1. How do I login and logout from Suprabhath Matrimony?
    The Login and Logout options are found at the top right of the Suprabhath.org website.You have to provide the Email-Id and password which you have submitted to us. Click here to login to Suprabhath.org.
  2. Why do I have to login and logout of Suprabhath Matrimony everytime I visit the website?
    Logging in and Logging out everytime you visit Suprabhath.org keeps your account and personal information secure from access from unauthorized persons.
  3. I forgot my Profile Id, what should I do? How can I login to Suprabhath Matrimony?
    You need Email Id and Password to login not the Profile Id. To know your Profile Id, login to your account using your Email-Id and Password. You can see your Profile ID on the My Home page.
  4. I forgot my password, what should I do? How can I login to the Suprabhath.org?
    If you have forgotten your password, we can send it to you via email. Click Forgot Password below the Login Section or Click here and enter your Email-Id and Date of Birth that you have submitted to us. You will receive your login details immediately.
  5. How can I change my password?
    To change your password, all you need to do is follow the following steps:
    • Login to your Suprabhath Matrimony Account.
    • Click the My Settings menu option.
    • Click the 'Change Password' link and follow the instruction accrodingly.