Getting Started
  1. How can I register on Suprabhath Matrimony?
    Registration on Suprabhath Matrimony is as very easy. In a single smooth procedure, you can become a member of Suprabhath Matrimony and post your profile. All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the Member Registration Form as accurately as possible and click on the 'Submit & Register' button.
  2. Can I register a matrimonial profile on behalf of a relative or a friend?
    Yes you can! In the registration form you can specify your name and relationship with the person details on whose behalf you're registering a matrimonial profile.

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  3. What are the benefits of registering on Suprabhath Matrimony?
    You get lots of Free and Paid services when you register on Suprabhath Matrimony.

    • Post your personal profile along with photos and Horoscope.
    • Create a your own Partner Preference that you are looking for.
    • Search and view profiles without restrictions.
    • Express Interest to members which you like.
    • Respond to members who express interest in you
    • Get statistics such as how many viewed your profile, view your contact, how many expressed interest in you, etc.
    • Shortlist profiles that you like.
    • Get profile published in Monthly Charts. Currently Monthly Charts for Tamil-Brahmin Iyer and Bi-Monthly Charts for Tamil-Brahmin Iyengar and Telugu Brahmin are being published.
    • Get yourself added in specific WhatsApp group specially created DOB-year and community wise. Therein you will receive

      1) Newly registered/renewed profiles matching your age (with 6 years age difference)

      2) Monthly Charts

      3) New service updates.

    • Get Preference Matching profiles in your WhatsApp No and in your Email (Paid Service)
    • View Contacts of the profile which you like (Paid Service). Conditions apply.

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  4. How much do I have to pay to register on Suprabhath Matrimony?
    Registration on Suprabhath Matrimony is FREE!!! But if you like to view contacts of the profiles you have to become a paid member. Please check our Tariff Plans.

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  5. The form seems to be a bit lengthy. Do I need to fill it entirely?
    We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long form in one single shot. However, matrimony is serious business making it important to convey detailed information to interested members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of Matrimonials. So please do take the time and effort to complete your profile.

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  6. While registering and creating a matrimonial profile, can I avoid providing information in the compulsory fields?
    No. All the compulsory fields have to be filled in order to complete the registration and matrimonial profile creation process. These compulsory fields provide essential information about you to other members who view your profile.

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  7. Can I specify more than one email address while registering with
    No. You can specify only one email address while registering. You can however change your email address later if you wish.
  8. My Religion/Caste/Mother tongue/Profession is not listed in the registration form of Suprabhath Matrimony. What should I do?
    Suprabhath Matrimony has tried to be as comprehensive as possible while creating the many lists being used in the registration form. However, it is possible that your particular religion / caste, mother tongue, education, profession etc may not be represented here.

    In such a case we request that you use the 'Other' option provided to you. Also, you can send an email to clearly listing the new addition you would like us to make to our matrimonial service. While we do not guarantee that your suggestion will be accepted, we will try our best to ensure that it does.
  9. While registering I came across the 'Gotra / Gothram' option. What is 'Gotra / Gothram'?
    A Gotra is a classification and identification of castes in India. It indicates lineage systems, either patrilineal or matrilineal, in the Hindu community. Gotra is used as surname in many castes. Each of the gotras is normally named after a great ancient Rishi, and belonging to a particular gotra generally implies patrilineal descension from the rishi, whom the gotra is named after. In South India, Tulu and Malayalee communities have their own lineage system that is matrilineal. The Tulu lineage system is called bari or bali and Malayalee lineage system is called illam.
  10. Are there any specific DOs and DON'Ts while creating a matrimonial profile on Suprabhath Matrimony?
    Do not use your matrimonial profile to display your contact details. Do not make commercial use of it and do not include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist. See our terms of use / service agreement for more details of what type of content is prohibited on Suprabhath Matrimony.

    Be as detailed as possible while creating your profile. After your profile is activated, be sure to fill in the Partner Profile and also to upload a photograph. The more information you add the more your chances of finding a partner.

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  11. While registering, I got an error message that says that my email address is already registered with Suprabhath Matrimony and that I must specify another email address. Why does this happen?
    Every profile posted on is associated with only one unique email address. You may have received this error message because you or someone else has already posted a matrimonial profile using this email address.

    If you think your email address is being used by someone else, please do send us an email to from the email address that is under contention and let us know.